La Petite Maison is an independent micro-pâtisserie based in the heart of Cambridge.

Our mission is to create beautiful and scrumptious pâtisserie-style desserts, focusing on flavour above everything else and celebrating only the best ingredients to a very high standard.

Our specialties are in petit gâteaux and artisan chocolates, trading at markets and functions around Cambridgeshire. We also create bespoke cakes, designed and tailor-made to suit any event or celebration.

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Featured in Velvet Magazine

Petit Gâteau

Individually sized cakes with multiple layers, packed with flavour and texture

Artisan Chocolates

Handcrafted chocolate bonbons filled with complementary fillings

Bespoke Cakes

Delicious and unique, personalised cakes for your special occasion

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Parul Gupta

"Absolutely delicious chocolates! And they look so pretty! Never tried these flavours before and now I love them. Clearly a lot of talent and hard work behind the scenes! Thanks very much Anna!​

Elodie Giuge

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the chocolates! I've tried all 3 now and I am blown away by the quality, the taste, and the work of art that they all are. You have got some incredible skills. (Having grown up in France I am very fussy and I have high expectations, so this compliment is not to be taken lightly!)​

Julie Ross

"I received some beautiful gourmet chocolates in the post this week. I cannot begin to say how delicious they are! Absolutely heavenly... A rising star indeed, I for one can highly recommend! Thank you Anna!​


Kapihan x

La Petite Maison

Collaboration chocolates with the Kapihan family based in their cafe in Battersea, London. These flavours are inspired by the Philippines: Ube, Peanut Polvoron, Calamansi Caramel, and Malagos Champorado. Available exclusively at Kapihan's webshop.

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